Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tips on House Training A Puppy From Day One!

There are some simple and effective methods to house train your puppy. It will take effort on your part but will be well worth it for the end result.

When house training a puppy be alert to sniffing and circling an area in the house. Gently take the puppy outside, as jostling may cause the animal to go before ever getting out of the house. In addition to house training a puppy, leash training puppy routines will also be helpful. Have an area in the yard just for this purpose. When done, pet the puppy and offer simple words of praise.

Puppies are not much different than children. They need to go at bedtime, when waking in the morning, after playing, eating and drinking, and during the night. Don’t expect your puppy to learn overnight. Each animal is different. Boxer puppy training is just one example. They are strong willed animals and will need you to take charge. Every trip outside when the puppy has to go helps to teach your dog that the yard is for this purpose, not inside the home.

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